Your Investment Goals Are Our Business

We serve our clients by providing unbiased investment management services.

About Us

Hayden Capital Management is a fee-only registered investment advisor that is completely independent. We do not receive an incentive for the investment strategies we recommend.

Our Values


We are responsible, ethical, and competent professionals who work hard to earn our clients’ trust and confidence. We always keep their financial interests first and foremost.


We are an independently owned investment management and advisory firm. We develop our own unconstrained views and insights, and work diligently to deliver objective, bespoke solutions to clients.


We are active managers focused in areas where we have expertise and can provide value consistently.

Where are your clients located?

While our headquarters is in Walnut Creek, California, our clients are located throughout the United States. We estimate 75% of our clients are in California. 

With what types of clients do you work?

Our clients consist of individuals, families and businesses. We generally work with the following clientele:

  • Individuals receiving distributions from corporate retirement plans and IRA rollovers.
  • Professionals and entrepreneurs seeking portfolio management. 
  • Multi-generational wealth, including family trusts and 529 savings plans.
  • Surviving spouses managing proceeds from estates.
  • Retirement plans for closely held companies, including 401(k) plans.
How do you charge?

We are a fee‐only investment advisor. We do not receive commissions or fees based on a client’s purchase of any financial products.

Will I be able to access all my information?

Absolutely. We have a client portal that is dedicated to you so that you can log in and view your information at any time. In the client portal, you can view reports such as your quarterly performance report.

How frequently will you communicate with us?

We focus on delivering proactive and transparent communication to you. If you choose, we will send you an email to approve our buy or sell recommendations along with a brief synopsis of each new equity. Depending on your account, you will receive either a monthly or quarterly report containing updates on your portfolio holdings and performance.

Lastly, you will receive updated market outlook information and important required notices from time-to-time.