About Us

Hayden Capital Management is an investment advisory firm focused exclusively on providing sound advice to clients and being an excellent investor on their behalf.

Our clients include individuals, families, trust funds, pension plans, and non-profit organizations. 

Since our inception , we’ve cumulatively outperformed the S&P 500, with reduced risk.

We manage concentrated portfolios of large-cap and mid-cap companies based in the U.S., or those with large U.S. operations.

We choose these stocks from ideas generated through the investment team’s in-depth, bottom-up research efforts. Our disciplined investment process requires us to focus on how management runs their company.

Our clients include high-net-worth individuals and their families, foundations and endowments. The source of wealth for many of our clients is ownership in successful businesses. Some are former executives of companies held in our clients’ portfolios, who have become clients because they understand and respect our investment process.

Our Clients

Trusted by over 500+ clients worldwide

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their financial goals by carefully investing in equities that will preserve and grow their wealth.

We explain to our clients the risks and benefits of owning equities, and recognize their desire to not have to remake the money entrusted to us.

We use our knowledge, experience, and fundamental valuation-based investment process to identify exceptional businesses that are led by experienced managers. These are managers who execute realistic business plans that deliver sustained, long-term profitable growth for their owners. We invest our clients’ money with these managers, all of whom know how to manage through difficult times.