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Robert J Hayden CEO & Founder

Robert J Hayden is the CEO of Hayden Capital Management. Prior to forming his own company, Robert served clients as a Trust Officer.
He holds a B.S. in finance and international business from Cal State Long Beach.

Prior to founding Hayden Capital Management, Robert was a research analyst and Portfolio Manager, As the Senior Portfolio Manager, Robert provided specific recommendations to clients regarding their investment portfolio and financial planning needs. His experience of more than two decades in trust administration and portfolio management provides invaluable insight into serving clients.

Robert purchased his first stock at the age of 14 and has been an avid value investor ever since. He
currently resides in California.

Philip Cocce Trading Administrator


Philip is the Administrative Assistant for Hayden Capital Management. He is responsible for reconciling, organizing documentation, and administering fees to our custodians and

Philip attended Santa Barbara City College and is working to further his interest in finance at Hayden Capital Management.

Andrea Fischer Consultant

Andrea Fischer supports our team on a consulting basis and currently manages several accounts. Her six-year association with RBC Capital Markets continues to enhance our client offerings in Hayden Capital Management.

Andrea graduated from Syracuse in New York, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and she is a CFP® professional.

Linda Lewis C.F.O


Linda Lewis provides fiscal oversight as the CFO for Hayden Capital Management. Linda brings over 18 years of experience in accounting, payroll, and financial reporting.

Linda is the Portfolio Administrator at Hayden Capital Management. She monitors the daily trading activities, account management, and distributions for our clients.

Kuhn Zigler Consultant

Mr. Zigler joined Hayden Capital Management in 2008 and is primarily focused on portfolio company management, asset management, and capital markets related needs of the Fund’s investments.

Prior to joining Hayden Capital Management, Mr. Zigler is also in the commodity markets and is part of an Energy company called Zigler Construct.

Mr. Zigler was responsible for management, structuring, and executing asset level joint ventures across the US. Prior to Hayden Capital Management, Mr. Zigler was with Weir Engineering, a Saudi-based engineering where he was responsible for funding, management, asset management, and acquisitions.

Mr. Zigler earned a bachelor’s degree in business in finance from the Bilkent University in Turkey.


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